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My Name is Lisa and I am 46 years old.  I was feeling sluggish and even though I was working out 6 days a week, I was gaining weight.  I was having issues with my digestive track, I was often bloated, and had low iron levels. I had started to see my doctor regarding these issues,  and many of my systems pointed to IBS . My Dr. scheduled a follow-up visit and blood work for end of March .  In the meantime , I had seen something posted on Facebook about doing a cleanse that will eliminate allergens/toxins from your system.  and then reintroducing them slowly and guage how you feel. So I followed Renee’s cleanse for the 21 days. The first week was hard, but after that it became much easier.  After the 21 days of the cleanse, I started to reintroduce gluten and dairy into my diet, I knew right away that this maybe my issue, as all my old symptoms returned. I had never heard of being gluten intolerant, so I was very skeptical about all this. I spoke to my Dr and decided I would try going go gluten free.  I have never felt better and it has changed my life.  I do cheat occasionally, as I travel a lot and it can be difficult at company luncheons when the food often catered. - Lisa from North Adams, MA

As you know, I am almost 2/3 through the Raw Challenge and I did a 21 day cleanse starting May 29. It has been a great journey, a journey I plan to continue as long as I live. I find it so easy to eat this way because I feel so much better then I have in years. I am told I look better too! I have lost weight which is a nice plus, but I have also been told my eyes sparkle, my skin looks great, I look radiant, and the list goes on! I am more conscious of what I eat and have become an avid label reader. Just because it says all natural or healthy on the label does not mean it is so. I question how manufacturers can get away with misleading the public. I have been asked if it is expensive. My answer is yes, more expensive and also more time consuming then the packaged and preprepared most people consume, but worth every penny and every minute to maintain my health and quality of life and worth every penny to give me peace of mind. What most people don't understand is that those of us that do this for our health are at our ropes end. I had found a chiropractor that helped me immensely, an exercise program that helped me even more, but then I found you; the last piece of the puzzle that brought me to the place I have been striving for.
I have also been asked what are your qualifications. That is simple, you lived it, you found the answer, and you are willing to educate and share with us. Thank you for helping me and so many others. You, your husband, and your daughters should be very proud of what you do. Over a 1,000 followers because what you do has been so successful for so many of us. Thank you.Sharon-Berkshire County, MA

During my original 21 day cleanse back in 3/12, I found that after about 1 week my blood pressure was low enough I no longer needed to take medicine. I also slept better, lost weight/inches and finally shrunk up those love handles that have been hanging around! Recently, I gained back a few pounds, and tried a 7 day cleanse. I had been experiencing pain in both heels as I lay in bed at night. Just the pressure of the mattress against the back of my heels hurt. I made an appointment with a podiatrist to figure out my problem. However, since doing the "cleanse", my heel pain no longer exists! I am trying to figure out what type of food contributed to this pain, and suspect maybe peanuts (I eat a lot of them!!!) I will see what happens when I start eating them again! Maybe I can cancel my appointment! - Bonnie from Cheshire, MA

21 days completed, and I loved "most" every minute of it! An occasional yen would rear it's ugly head, but for the most part, any urge to indulge was of my own doing. My husband followed right along with me, and I'm happy to say, we both lost weight and feel like a million bucks! For the first time since I've known him, my husband understands the relationship between what we eat and how our bodies feel. It's never too late to learn. Now that we're approaching, or close to our seventies, we both can take responsibility for our own health. Thanks, all started with my meeting with you. Keep up the good work! - Pat from Florida

21+ Days of cleansing and detoxifying my body of demons, hazardous materials an years of blah blah blah stuff that made me think it was comfort food and I felt great, lost weight and had less aches and pains. Then three days of testing myself and my food intake. Well, I can say, DON'T DO IT! Stay focused, stay committed, love your cleansing food and embrace how you feel!I didn't go to the extreme, but I went enough off course to recognize the little changes or feelings that were not so pleasurable. Thank god for Monday mornings, a little structure and my protein/fruit shake and thank god for Renee for positively impacting so many people's life! - Amalio from North Adams, MA

 "Thanks! I am grateful for Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino, ND for the diagnosis and Renee Tassone and my family for their support!! ♥" - Judy from Dalton, MA

"Renee, I have enjoyed my stuff tomatoes this week immensely! And my smoothies and the quinoa salad, too! Thanks for helping to keep me and my baby so healthy during this last stage of pregnancy!! It is such a great service that you offer - eating healthy never tasted so delicious! :-) Thank you again! Can't wait to see what's on the menu next week." - Becky from North Adams, MA

"I had heard good things about the Cleanse from friends, and decided to give it a try. Renee was great about sending information, and daily inspirational emails, which helped keep me on track. It was nice to have a mentor thru the journey! I feel great, have more energy and fit into clothes that have been at the bottom of my closet for years! Thanks Renee!" - Elinor from Williamstown

 I am nearing the end of day #21. I pretty much feel just like you said in this email. I must admit, it is harder than I thought it would be.. I have found that I was more of a "snacker" than I thought. I keep wanting to grab for a triscuit or piece of cheese. Another challenge I have come across is when I make dinner for my boyfriend I've almost tested it a couple of times. Thank you for guiding me through this!! If it weren't for you, I don't think I would ever complete something like this!! You are an inspiration!! - Rebecca from North Adams, MA

 "It is amazing what you are doing! We are so out of touch with our food system. It's an industry and it's poisoning us for profit. It's up to each of us as individuals to care for our own health, and nutrition is a key factor in our overall health. You are bringing people together and teaching not only how to overcome the set-back of having a debilitating disease (as a result of the horrible food industry) but showing people how to heal and care for themselves. It's awesome and I also offer my stamp of endorsement." - Heidi from Williamstown, MA

Thank you so much for meeting with me! I really, really appreciate it. I just want to say that I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing!!! Sometimes all it takes is one person to start a revolution, even if it is small in the aspect of the size of our population but nonetheless still amazing and it seems you are well on your way! It is so awesome to hear of the complete life altering success you have shared with people and guided people into! I think we both know this is something I have to do and I most certainly am going to do it!! Looking forward to talking with you again soon and finding out where this next adventure will take me! Have a great night. Jessica from Adams, MA

 January 4, 2012 Renee finally talked me into doing the cleanse.  I listened to her since October when she started it…I honestly thought she was nuts.  But I finally gave in and this is my reason why.  Seven years ago I had a hysterectomy and right away I was put on medications.  I was then diagnosed with hypothyroidism 4 years ago and put on more medications.   In all those years, especially the last 4, I was unable to lose weight, I had constant headaches and body aches ~ I just didn’t feel healthy.  I worked out, doing Zumba and ate what I thought was pretty healthy ~ but I would not lose even 1 pound.  In fact I slowly gained weight. I had read that certain food would affect the thyroid and actually help it.  So I finally gave in.  I stuck to the cleanse 150% for 21 days.  I lost 16 pounds and I felt WONDERFUL!   I went right off my estrogen medications.  Although I did stay on the thyroid medicines, my levels are super low so the cleanse is doing its job!  To this day I continue to eat healthy.  Yes, I do slack off, but I get right back on board.   I’m so glad Renee is a good friend and continues to encourage me every step of the way.  - Tammy from Florida MA

Today I weighed myself and I have lost 8 pounds!  I feel fantastic!!!!!  My energy level is up and I feel great.  We had friends over for dinner and I drank water out of a wine glass all night and I didn't even mind that much.  I had beets instead of chicken with my rice and I wasn't  really tempted to go for anything else.  No hangover and extra calories for me!  I have no problem eating like this.  I love it.  I just need to take more time to get creative with the recipes.  I can't believe how easy this is now and it's only been 8 days! I watched forks over knives last night.  Thanks for letting me borrow it.  It was really inspiring. My boyfriend wants to start eating more veggies now too!  I am so excited for you to go see my sister this weekend. - Bernadette from Pownal VT

"Thank you so much! I could never, ever thank you enough! I have regained what I lost with my health and with my diminished self esteem and it is all because of the knowledge you instilled in me and your amazing support and confidence in me all the way through! I am glowing and I am a different person who finally feels amazing about myself in a different way I have never felt and I am so much smarter about the importance of my health based on dietary decisions. I felt like I was dying a little more everyday because of how I felt and not understanding why my health was so poor. I never imagined I'd ever recover and get it all back and then some. You saved my life!!" - Jessica from Adams.

 I have been doing great with the problems.....I have noticed considerably less pain in my joints....and now at the beginning of week 3, I noticed a sizable change in the amount of pain in my neck and shoulders.  I have been living with this pain for a very long time...since the 1990's and it was part of the reason that I retired myself from my dental hygiene job...I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia which I am not sure that I really have but have had pain in my joints since 1998.....I have lost about 10 lbs.

Thanks for your help....this certainly has made a difference in my life,
Suzette from Pittsfield

 I definitely want you to know that you can add my husband Kevin and I to your list of people who have successfully completed the cleanse. I cannot believe we did it.  I look back now and I was so nervous, but we ended up with such an amazing new outlook on life.  Kevin lost 16 pounds, and I lost 12.  I also took measurements, and I lost 20 inches!!!!  I am so excited about that. The biggest thing I got out of this cleanse, is my love for cooking!  I thoroughly enjoy meal planning, and researching new healthy options to cook for my husband and I.  I also love how much Kevin is enjoying this new healthy lifestyle.  He has NEVER done any of my yoyo diets, or even put any effort towards trying.  But luckily he believed in the "Eat to total health" cleanse and program and the benefits it could bring to our lives.  And he was on board.  We both have so much energy, and sleep so much better than we did before.  We definitely plan to make this a lifestyle change, adding back in some things, but keeping it our basic lifestyle with chicken, and turkey, and fish added in.  Thank you so much for your program, and your supports and emails.  The Facebook group was instrumental in my success as well I believe. Thank you again!!
Danielle and Kevin




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