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Below are the some of the services that we offer at Eat To Total Health. We have helped thousands of people from all over, California, Las Vegas, Kentucky, Georgia, Boston, New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Ohio, Alabama and Connecticut just to name a few!

 Food Plans: I have led thousands of people through a diet/food program that I customize for them according to their health issues and goals. The program is done strictly by diet so there are no expensive supplements to buy or magic potions to drink. You do not starve yourself and for most people this is a spring board that helps them adopt a healthier lifestyle. The cost for my customize  program is $80. This includes your initial one hour consultation, all materials, your program outline, recipes, daily emails and an exit consultation at the end of your program. There are no on going fees or products to buy. Email or call to make a phone or in person appointment. If you want to get your friends and family together I often hold group consultations as well. Call 413-329-4710 or

ReBoot Cleanse: This cleanse is typically a 14 day cleanse, shorter but more intense. It is great for those who have cleansed before and need to get back on track or for those that have those last few pounds to lose. The cost is $40. Email or call to make a one on one phone or in person appointment, 413-329-4710.

Juice Fast: I lead people through juice fasts. The most common one is 5 days but it can be as long or as short as you like. The cost is $25 and I give you recipes and daily emails and support. We can also supply you with all of your juices and smoothies during this time for $250. Email or call to start your juice fast.

Healthy Diet:
I help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. I tell them what foods they should be eating to achieve optimum health. Email or call to make a one on one phone or in person appointment, 413-329-4710 or

Muscle Testing: I meet with people and muscle test them which is one way the body communicates to us. I can find out information such as what foods have a negative or positive effect on your body. What eating plan is the best one for your body. What the root cause is of your health symptoms and illnesses and then find the solution to those issues. I am also able to connect people with their spirit guides and give them messages from loved ones who are deceased. Cost is $60/hour.

I own a shop located at 14 Ashland St in North Adams where we offer whole food, allergy free, vegan meals and smoothies to people. You can eat in, take out, have it delivered or shipped to your door. We also do lots of catering. We can do specialized catering for one person if you are having a guest that is vegan or has an allergy or we can cater for all of your guests. Email me to be added to the weekly menu, or call 413-329-4710

: I speak to the public about the connection between nutrition and health. I also go to businesses and speak to their employees about getting healthy. This helps companies lower their health care costs. If you would like for me to come to your area or business please email me at

Cooking Demos:
I will host a cooking demo to show you and your friends how to cook healthy meals. If you would like for me to come to your area please email me at

Eat To Total Health
  14 Ashland ST North Adams Ma 01247
413-346-4357 or 413-329-4710
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